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Paperback printed copy of the graphic novel Crowheart Butte, written and illustrated by Zach Kennah.


ISBN: 978-1-7362200-9-2


On the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming, the Fort Washakie middle school boys basketball team navigates everyday challenges of life on a reservation while preparing for their upcoming game in a neighboring town. Meanwhile, fierce creatures of Shoshone legend, small-beings known as the Nimerigar, have emerged from hiding with vengeance in their hearts. Through a twist of events, it becomes clear that the Nimerigar are setting their sites on the traveling basketball team as the first victims on their fervent trek for revenge. It all boils to a head in a bloody confrontation at the paramount landmark, Crowheart Butte, a place of particular historical and spiritual significance to the Eastern Shoshone tribe and its people...


Crowheart Butte is a horror/fantasy graphic novel, but at its core is a stirring drama about a Native American teacher and coach and the team in which he guides and educates. The novel tells an honest story that deals with real issues indigenous people face on U.S. reservations, but also delivers a riveting creature-horror story that features Native American characters so often absent in not only horror, but popular culture in general.

Crowheart Butte

SKU: 978-1-7362200-9-2
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