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Artist Statement


When I think about my favorite visual artists and their influence on me as a creator, I have come to realize that there is one aspect all of them have in common, regardless of medium, technical skill, artistic style, and subject matter; it is the ability to tell a mesmerizing story. And when I really think about myself and what I set out to do as an artist, it's the intention to use my skill set to ultimately service a narrative. 

Drama can truly be found in nearly all aspects of life. As long as something triggers an emotional response, a story can, and should, be told. I love telling stories—it is the most significant aspect of my art. Stories allow us to enter each others' worlds and see things from new, and often times, refreshing perspectives. We can understand each other if we share our experiences and listen to the experiences of others. I appreciate the communal aspect of telling stories and how our differences seem to dissolve when we are invested  in the accounts of one another.

While art is subjective, and different styles and skill levels can have a wide range of both fans and critics, I hope that my work, at the very least, is able to engage the viewer and bring them into a narrative that they can use their own creativity to interact with and respond to. And, in the end, I want my art to look and feel completely human. I hope the viewer recognizes that what they are looking at was unabashedly made by hands, heart, and mind. 

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