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Graphic Novels 

I published my first graphic novel, Crowheart Butte, in January 2021, and the book is still available for purchase in both physical and digital formats!


The story follows a middle school boys basketball team on the Wind River Indian Reservation as they come face to face with a horrifying, vicious enemy of Shoshone legend, the small, ghoulish "people-eaters" known as the Nimerigar! 

A fantasy-horror comic based in the very real environment of the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming, Crowheart Butte focuses on themes of friendship, rivalry, racial tension, and revenge, and features fleshed-out Native characters rarely seen or represented in popular culture. 

In order to accurately and realistically bring these characters to life, it was necessary to include a certain level of  social commentary and explore some of the issues that people on reservations often face. Despite this, it was not my goal to create a statement piece. Rather, I wanted to develop a creature-horror story headlining Native leads that was not solely about social criticism, but depicted these elements honestly and respectfully. 

The novel can be purchased under the SHOP tab here:

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