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The second issue of the horror anthology series Cast Shadows Comics.


Kay Bearcomesout is a 60-something Cheyenne woman living on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation in southeastern Montana. Kay is staying alone in her remote cabin, spending time away to honor her late husband's birthday. While outside in the winter weather, she discovers suspicious footprints in the snow, and later, while cozied inside the cabin for the evening, there is an alarming knock on the door. A man asks to come inside, claiming to be stranded in the snow storm that is picking up in ferocity outside.


Despite the risk, Kay lets in the freezing man, Milton, to provide him relief from the blizzard. Milton proves more and more suspicious, and soon Kay realizes that he may have very cruel intentions. He also might not be completely human, but something else, something Kay knows from legends...


March 2023 release, horror, black and white, 36 pages, mature readers


Cast Shadows Issue #2

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